Amy Guth is social media manager for Chicago Tribune Media Group, co-host of the new Chicago Tribune TV series “30 Second Social,” and WGN Radio host. She is author of the novel “Three Fallen Women” (2006) and a forthcoming novel from the Chicago Center of Literature and Photography. In 2011, she was listed among Chicago Magazine’s 50 most beautiful Chicagoans, which will make perfect sense by viewing this photo. Her work is included in the anthologies “What Happened to us These Last Couple of Years?” and “6S, Vol. 2.” Her short fiction, “Feet In Socks” was was named among StorySouth’s notable stories and was a Million Writers Award nominee. She is also co-host of the Chicago reading series RUI: Reading Under The Influence, now in its eighth year.

amy guthAs a speaker, Guth has addressed groups at Columbia College Chicago, Social Media Club Chicago, Orlando Sentinel, Independent Writers of Chicago organization, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Decatur Book Festival, the (Downtown) Omaha Lit Fest and The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival. Presently, through 435 Digital and Trib U, Guth often speaks and teaches in Chicago about SEO and social media.

In 2007, Guth founded Pilcrow Lit Fest, a small press literary festival.

Previously, Guth served as digital news editor for the Chicago Tribune’s books section and blog, Printers Row. On WGN Radio, Guth was co-host of ChicagoNow Radio, and later WGN Weekend. She founded the literary blog, Chicago Subtext, for the Tribune’s Chicago Now blog network, where she also served as founding Life and Style community manager. Guth was also managing editor for literary magazine The Complete Meal, co-wrote several sketch productions at Second City’s training center and other improv venues, including “Uterine Wailing Wall” as well as “Anton Chekhov’s Bastard Child” which was performed in Chicago from 2002-4. Guth was also assistant fiction editor at 42 Opus, and founded and hosted Chicago’s Fixx Reading Series.

Before all that, she held just about every job possible in restaurants, including sass-mouth bartender, chef garde-manger, caterer and executive pastry chef.

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