A few weeks ago, while speaking on a panel at an event, I was asked to name my social media predictions for the year ahead. “Who here did not feel like the past year or two was a blur of rushing around?” I started (paraphrased). People nodded. I pointed to sites like Pinterest and 500px and predicted that in 2012 we will see a shift in focus from quantity to quality, from mass volume to thoughtful selection. I, for one, could not be happier about this.

It was along with this thinking that I came to decide upon my resolution for 2012. My resolution sounds about as simple as it gets: no rushing (or, rush only when chased). In theory, it is simple; trade rushing through my day for not rushing through my day. Duh. In practice, though, “no rushing” has its complexities, and that’s where resolutions and resolve come in.

“No rushing,” is more than setting a goal and hoping for the best. That’s not my style. I’m down to do the work to make this into habit. I believe in this because while working under pressure is no big whoop, and while my cool head never fails in (actual) emergency situations, rushing around drives me crazy. It’s not fun. It’s not living, it’s rushing. I’m not at my best when rushing through life, and I doubt I ever will be.  So, my choices are pretty simple: I can get good at rushing around or stop rushing. I chose to stop rushing.

“No rushing,” encompasses more than getting more organized, it is more than simplifying, and far, far more than the teachings of the good-in-theory-but-oft-flimsy “be in the moment” school of thought. My resolution is more than “do more by doing less” (though there are elements of that in the loose plan), and different than getting rid of stuff or saying “yes” or “no” more often.

“No rushing” addresses the “Don’t have time? Make time” adage, and the idea that rushing around like a dervish should be reserved for an actual emergency and not, say, a Wednesday. Rush when chased by a serial killer, fireball or tornado, not, say, to buy pantyhose. I mean really. Enough. Enough rushing around more often than not. Enough over-scheduling. Enough “where did the day go?” (or month, or year). Enough “busy as hell” being standard answer for far too many questions. Enough juggling. Enough.

To 2012: Enough “busy,” more “completion.” More just being. More fun. More action. More “already did that.” More boundaries. More experiences, and better experiences. More bucket list, less to do list.  More living, no rushing.

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