“30 Second Social” is a new Tribune social media Web series Scott Kleinberg and I co-created. Each week, we will share a new episode that explains one idea or action in social media or SEO in about thirty seconds.  In this first episode, “Twitter: how to #FF,” Kleinberg tackles the follow Friday concept and quickly explains how it’s done. Simple as that.

Watch “Twitter: how to #FF,” episode 1, season 1 from “30 Second Social.” You’ll see that Scott Kleinberg doesn’t always wear a tie, my drawing skills are pretty ok as long as lettering is involved (lots of practice on lots of school notebooks back in the day), and that nothing is too complicated when you break it into 30 second chunks.

We developed “30Second Social,” of course, along with the help of Tim DesRochers and Michelle Deorsey, our resident video superheroes. And possibly with help from a Klingon. But more on that later.