I want tweets. Your tweets, specifically. I want a link to the tweet you tweeted in a moment you’ll not soon forget. I want a link to a tweet that was intentionally mysterious, or accidentally profound, or the tweet that sounded deeper than it was or that makes you laugh when you think of it. I can’t tell you what this is all about just yet, but I can tell you that it’s going to be kickass, every bit of credit will be given where due and it’s as simple as emailing me a URL to a tweet, or sending it my way on Twitter. (You can even use hashtag #tweetproject if you like.)

And, since I have you on the line, I also want twitpics (or, YFrog pics or even good ol’ emailed pics) of examples of social media icons spotted out in the world for Social Media Spotted, a just-for-fun Posterous blog I have. (And, hell, use #socialmediaspotted for that if you are all-in on the hashtags.)

In summation: I want URLs of tweets for a #tweetproject. I want pics of social media icons in print for #socialmediaspotted. Please, please, thanks, thanks.