I’ve thought about it and thought about it. In no particular order, here are my resolutions for 2010*:

1. I resolve to host a few flash mob dance breaks, because I think it’s really fun to dance.

2. I resolve to host a few more dinner parties and brunches, because I love to cook for my friends then eat and drink wine together.

3. I resolve to ignore perceived limits and really give my all to 2010, because the sky really is the limit in this world.

4. I resolve to bake bread more often, because that focuses and calms me like few other things do.

5. I resolve to celebrate the wins at the gym more, especially as I am still coming back from an injury.

6. I resolve to celebrate the wins in life more often, because the older I get, the faster time goes and if we don’t celebrate right away in life, we really never do.

7. I resolve to never again be shy about something I worked hard to accomplish.

8. I resolve to learn three new skills in 2010.

9. I resolve to travel more, especially to spend time with my relatives.

10. I resolve to bring another book into the world this year. Or, at least have the process underway by this time next year.

*I, of course, reserve the right to fine-tune these as I go. I also reserve the right to have a few secret ones I’ll never tell. So there.