My friends, I’ve never been one to quit, one to give up easily. Sometimes that kind of stubbonness works out well, sometimes not.

I’ve battled a few injuries while training for the Chicago marathon this year, primarily concerning the back of my hip, but here we are, the night before the race and I’m ready. I had my doubts over the last month, of whether or not I’d do this race at all, to be honest. But, here we are. Today at the expo, picking up my race number and all, I was glad to be around other runner, glad to be going ahead.

Make no mistake: This is not going to be my fastest race. In fact, it’s going to be my slowest by an hour, but I raised some money for the event, every penny of which I appreciate and so tomorrow, I’m going to do my best and have fun and enjoy the race.

If you want to follow along, I’ll be posting real-time updates to my Twitter stream, along with iPhone photos I take along the way. I should warn the faint of heart that races make me swear like a sailor, so click that link at your own peril, mmmkay?

Wish me luck. I’ll write an update tomorrow night.