Happy Fifth Night of Chanukah, readers dear. Hope the lights burn brightly, the dreidel game goes in your favor, and may any dreidel costume you may feel suddenly compelled to wear be, uh, dreidely. (Ha, I found this photograph online, and would love to know the story behind it… )


Like many, we’re doing the Chinese food and a movie tradition. Only, I’m not too gung-ho for any movies I’m seeing listed at the moment, so maybe just the Chinese food part. I have the perfect place– the dive bar of Chinese restaurants, if you will. Run by a Chinese couple who speaks angry to one another and the waiter but overly-jolly with customers, a menu of oily Americanized versions of Chinese cuisine, and a nearly seven-foot tall waiter who claims to be Polish, but has a Mandarin accent.

To all who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a merry one. In, uh, whatever gay apparel you may feel compelled to don.