I’m glad, dear readers, that you accept that I am always raising money for something. I appreciate your acceptance of this fact. I have a goal of raising one million dollars for charity during my lifetime.

On November 15th (this weekend!) I’m participating in a cool event. Dzanc Books, a very wonderful press run by some very kind people, is holding a write-a-thon fundraiser. I’m simply going to write all day on November 15th. Dzanc will send out a writing prompt that morning, and I’ll wake up and begin writing. You can pledge per word, or per hour, or just donate a set amount. But, please consider donating a little soemthing. Dzanc Books does really great work. Donate or pledge here. I’ve started the ball rolling by making a donation myself.

I am still, of course, raising money for my race for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in December. Yesterday, I made the acquaintence of a woman who is also running the same race. If you would consider making a donation to me, would you also please consider splitting your donation between us?

Donate to her here.
Donate to me here.

Thanks, folks. We’ll raise that million dollars, yet.