I’m enjoying a little breakfast at my hotel, taking care of quite a ScavenTour activity, and then heading home.

The reading last night was super fun, and a big thank you to everyone at Full Circle Books– and to the hidden gem of a boutique, Route 66, which sits just upstairs from the bookstore. The after-reading cocktails were fabulous at Galileo, too, an adorable spot in the Paseo district.

But, more on all that later, and photos. Right now, I have a ScavenTour photograph to take!

(Guess which one? Go on.)

You guys are not going to believe how much I have to tell you when I get back. I feel like I’ve crammed months of living into two weeks. Some hilarious, some incredible, some beyond words, like last night– after the post-reading fete, a few of us headed over to the OKC bombing memorial. What a thing to see at night. I won’t even try here to do it justice. It’s something everyone should see, if you ask me.