Folks, as you know, I have a big roadtrip ahead. I’ve planned a few plans and I’m going to make a very fun contest out of it all. A ScavenTour, to be exact.

What is a ScavenTour, you ask? Well, it goes something like this:

Think of this contest like a scavenger hunt of activities. Activites that all of you will be asking me to do. Below, you’ll find a list of cities that I’ll be visiting on my trip. You, dear readers, are to think of some silly, or gut-checking sort of activities you’d like me to do in each of those cities and email me your list. (Think of the photographs I’ll post to prove I did these things. Have fun with it, but keep it clean, fun and legal.)

Also, you also get one wildcard pick. It can be something in a town I’m passing through between cities. Or, maybe something general like “in a diner”. Whatever. You pick.

Examples of activites might be like, “Okay, in so-and-so city, I’m like to see Amy Guth standing in a fountain and then, in such-and-such place, I’d like to see Amy Guth shooting schnapps with a person in a mascot costume” Whatever. I’m casting the net, and it’s up to you dear readers, to fill it with fun.

I’m going to pick one activity for each destination, do that suggested activity, prove I did it in a photo, and post both the evidence and link0love to the person who suggested. But, I’m only going to do one suggested activity per city. So, send your best! If I pick your activity, I’m going to blog and link to you and your sites like crazy. And, the person who suggests the best ones overall will win a copy of my novel, Three Fallen Women, which I will lovingly sign to you, and a little gift basket filled with souveniers from each destination. Maybe really great gift basket stuff, maybe really silly gift basket stuff. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m leaving in less than a week, so email your answers as soon as possible to amy at guthagogo dot com.

Got it? Ready? Okay, here is your list.

Chicago, Illinois
Memphis, Tennessee
Jackson, Mississippi
New Orleans, Louisiana
“undisclosed rural location”, Louisiana
Shreveport, Louisiana
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
+ 1 wildcard activity

Aaaand, go!