People, I have been inside the walls of the Sprawling Ramshackle Compound and it is awesome.

That’s right! Last night, Momma’s Boy an I attended a fancy barbeque at the home of Bubs, Miz Bubs, and their daughters, Dystopia the Zombie Pin-Up and Little Deadly Nightshade, and hung out with many other fine people, as well, including Johnny Yen and his lady, Kim, and their oft-blogged-about Adam. The food was delicious, as was the sangria, and a fireworks display may or may not have occurred and a little girl’s hair may or may not have been singed as a result. And, Dystopia the Zombie Pin-Up treated me to a bit of her way, way impressive make-up skills.

You know a party is awesome if you end up on the floor trying to play dead in front of a yellow tiki bar, no?