Well, Monkeybicycle #5, The Dirty Humor Issue finally is out, and one can acquire a copy and read something of mine inside. I say finally because I wrote my included piece around January of 2006, and, to be perfectly honest, I barely remember much of the piece. It seems that Monkeybicycle was turned down by printer after printer because the book what that raunchy. This is a badge of honor in my book, I have to admit. Anyway, I giggled during the re-read last night when my copy arrived. Ouch, I thought. That is pretty filthy. Not filthy like pervy, mind you, but filthy like certainly… offensive material.

On an unrelated note, comedian Mike Doe bestowed a very honorable title upon me yesterday.

Also yesterday, I had a most delightful cup of tea with writer Brianne Farley, who is totally cool and funny, and she introduced me to the world of the ArtShanty and the Andersonville Zombie Pub Crawl. Please, please, someone tell me they want to form a zombie Art Shanty team with me and go built it at next year’s event? No, okay, anyone want to roadtrip up and see the Art Shanties and pub crawl? Possibly while dressed as zombies? Because that would be cool, too. Great.