The Quickies! Reading was super fun. I am super-excited to read next month and hope some a-youse can come show me your smiling faces when I do. The delightful Ben Tanzer covered most of the major points of Tuesday evening in his post, so, I’ll only add that Mary and Linsday both read pieces I loved very much, both a monologue of sorts to or about a boyfriend, Mary’s to Theo Huxtable and his pudding cup and Lindsay’s to us and a hilarious re-telling of adventures with a near-traumatomaniac (surely, fictional) lover. I talked to Zach Dodson of Featherproof for a while about a very special upcoming editing of the Fixx Reading Series with all-Featherproof mini-book authors, which you should all make a point to attend because Featherproof will be very generously giving away copies of their mini-books. Also, I had a very cool conversation with Ben Tanzer about tattoos and he told me a little about a story I suspect is a very big story and one I hope he writes about one day.

Then, yesterday, Momma’s Boy and I went in search of Bubs & family at a wild tiki bar. I mean wild in the sense of a lot of plants and hula and a band and flowers and it looked like being in a wild little tropical outpost. The place was packed, so we didn’t meet up, but have e-schemed this morning to try the tiki night another time. Tiki, people! Tiki!