Went to a networking breakfast this morning, that I rather enjoyed. So funny, that less than two years ago, I was blogging from a hotel room (ha, during a tornado, if memory serves) after clamming up at a book event cocktail party or something and saying “That’s it! I’m fed up with being shy at cocktail parties and networking events!” Speaking in front of groups; never an issue. One on one conversation; no problem. But, something about milling around and chatting with strangers was terrifying to me. I decided that night to get over it, and I sure did.

It’s a work in progress, mind you– it might always be. I still feel uncomfortable walking into a room full of people. But, what’s fear but a big invisible bully, right? So, I decided to address bits at a time, try different approaches and such and it’s time like this, when I’ve returned from an event and met nice people and chatter merrily with them and swapped business cards that I have to take a moment and realize I’m doing pretty okay on this resolution.