Oh! I was just invited to read in Pittsburgh at The New Yinzer lit mag’s new reading series. November. Pittsburgh. Got it? Good.

Hey, all these good books are coming out lately– Adam Deutsch’s North Park Gallery Series is out and all yours over at Big Game Books. For example.

This headline was just in my inbox: “For the first time in 178 days — since October — Chicago’s official temperature has topped 70 degrees.”

Sometimes, I have to stop and ask myself why on earth I live in this chilly city. It’s a great city, but it would be greater if we all shifted it someplace even slightly warmer. I’d be cool with that. I shouldn’t even joke– I just moved and I’m not gung-ho to move again for a while.

The weather today is gorgeous. I just tackled the biggest rocks first today, so now I can tick off the dozen smaller stones, then the tiny pebbles.