My shower is still frozen. The faucet is frozen solid and the drain now has a dome of ice over it, making draining impossible as well. The bathroom sink is reduced to only a tiny trickle of ice water. So, my bathroom is useless except for the toilet, is what I’m telling you.

And so, a frozen shower and bathroom sink made for creative use of the kitchen step-stool, Tupperware and kitchen sink today. Standing naked on your kitchen counter and using Tupperware to dump water over yourself is still a whole helluva lot better than leaving the house to beg a shower in sub-zero weather. The neighbors who my kitchen window faces might say otherwise. Whatver.


The good news is that I have a date with baby Neptune tomorrow, and I hit his folks up for arriving early in exchange for shower use. Oy vey. The things a lady has gotta do to get a shower these days.