Still sick. This is maybe one of the weirder sick experience I’ve had before. Because I’m achey and fevery (though lower and intermittent fever now), but have this weird headache that comes and goes that feels like a migraine, without exaggeration, only confined to just one area, so far, usually behind my right eye, though it did move this morning to just below my eye on my face, then back to behind my eye. Oh sinuses, I thought you were tougher than that.

Sometimes unforch things happen, when they all pile on at once, they somehow become rather funny. I wouldn’t say they reverse themselves and make things forch, but they certainly cease being unforch. Also, sometimes you have to issue yourself a Dumbass Card. Sometimes, you have to laugh at a string of unforch events and issue yourself a Dumbass Card. Take last night for example:

last night, with this bad headache, I got up to get a glass of water because this sudden eye-jab was enough to make me jump a tiny bit and I thought, well, since I’m up. So, I got up and got a glass of water and another big stabby feeling behind my eye came in suddenly and it hurt a little, but mostly it startled me, and so I dropped the glass. Of course, when it came, I reached under my glasses and pushed them on top of my head and pressed onto my eye. So, not being able to see a fucking thing, and thinking I knew where the glass hit I stepped away to avoid it. I thought. Actually, I stepped directly the what remained of the broken glass, jumped and stepped onto the pile of shards of broken glass.

So, I yanked the hunk of glass from my heel and go to the tub to wash it out and as the water is running, my tub clogs. Awesome. The cat came into the bathroom and batted at my butt on the edge of the tub and yeowled. At this point, sitting on the edge of my tub, I just start to laugh because, well, let’s review this scenario. It’s is pretty stupid and laugh-worthy. And what else was I going to do?

This morning, the thing behind my eye socket continues, my heel has a band-aid but I need to Swiffer the blood off my kitchen floor, and there is standing water in my tub that needs to go away and my cat is batting at my toes, but not my butt.

How are you guys?