Oh, and dear readers… TONIGHT on Fox at 8pm central, check out long-time family friend, Andy Childs, and his band, Sixwire, on The Next Great American Band. TONIGHT is the final vote and your votes TONIGHT ONLY will determine the winner. Lines are open for two hours after the show, it’s a toll-free call and you can vote more than once. The results will be announced on the show finale next week and I can personally attest to the guys from Sixwire being some of the most hardworking, easy-going, not-taking-themselves-too-seriously, deserving guys around. It’s great too see such hardworking and dedicated people finally seeing some success, so please consider supporting them by dialing the toll-free number. You don’t have to say anything or talk to anyone, just dial, and once you hear the recording come on, you hang up. An easy way to support such good people. Thanks!