Remember those playlists I used to do here on the ‘Mouth? I might have to bring those back. Those were fun; I just got too busy for a bit there.

So, this morning I was dancing my face off in the living room, with my cat, to Joy Division and I looked up to see this dude walking his Dalmatian standing outside giving me the thumbs up. Whatves, dude. I’m not trying to be embarrassed about shakin’ my moneymaker, yo. Anyway, I kept dancing. Fun. If I had a dollar for every time I got caught dancing or singing, pssh. I’d be writing this post from the Caribbean.

Anyway, I gots stuff to do, but until we meet again, please enjoy this picture from a couple of years ago of the chanukiah I made out of tampons. Hi, dont stop at chanukiot! Hit Tampon Crafts and make something for any holiday.