This shit is a monologue:

A dude on the news tonight, when asked if it was the right thing to do to greet all customers with “Merry Christmas” as opposed to “Happy Holidays” (you know, because g-d fucking forbid we use inclusive language) said, “It has got to be Merry Christmas. This is America.”

Doesn’t he mean ‘Merica? Oy. Sigh. People are so unforch.

Like, what’s the fucking harm of saying “Happy Holidays”? It’s fucking plural. Not “holiday”, but “holidays”. So why all the panties in bunches? Happy Holidays is cool for anything starting from Thanksgiving, then onto Christmas, Winter Solstice, Yule, Chanukah, sometimes Ramadan (when it isn’t uber-early like this year), and into New Years. It’s one extra syllable and makes a world of difference. It’s not denying Christmas or lessening it, it’s just acknowledging that other people are shopping in your store. That’s it.

Now last year, I went down this road and someone who shall remain nameless wrote me a very unforch email suggesting I couldn’t stand to let Christians be Christians and wanted the world Jewish. Which is not only hilarious but extremely stupid. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to see anyone doing something they find meaningful. I’m not saying that in your home or to your friends that it’s a bad move to say Merry Christmas. By all means. But a store clerk telling me Merry Christmas feels weird and marginalizing and alien to me, like being wished Happy Birthday on the wrong day or something.

I want everyone to celebrate the shit out of whatever they want to celebrate. I really do. I love winter and twinkly lights and people getting together and having fun and all of that. It just seems like it’s no extra effort in retail settings to just say something that lets customers know we’re all welcome the same. That’s all. I’m not anti-Christmas at all. What I am is anti-exclusion and anti-ethnocentrism. That’s it. I understand that it might be painful or upsetting to feel like a holiday is getting skimmed over or secularized, or that by not using the word Christmas, the meaning seems lesser. I can dig that. I really can. But, i think it comes down to a matter of making everyone feel included and valuable. It’s one extra syllable or effort and it makes a huge difference. I promise you it does.