Ha, dumbass! Way to take the order order form literally. (My Aunt sent this pic to me.)

Anyhoot, how are you dahhhlinks today? All’s well in Guthdom. Busy as shit, but great. Are you all coming out to The Fixx Reading tomorrow night? of course you are. All the cool kids are coming.

So, hi, it’s still RoseOktobre (say assy it so it rhymes– ro-zay ock-toe-bray) and I’ve denied youse boob linkage for a few days. So, click your liddle self through to The Breast Cancer Site and click the pink button to fund some free mammography for some women in need, then you know your iron is so shitty and you need a new one. Don’t you? Yes you do. Rowenta has this awesome pink iron and this awesome pink ironing board cover and they are giving 100% of profits from the sale of each go to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Blammo.