Now, this is about as awesome as it gets for fundraising! This marathon, The 26.2 with Donna (a women who beat breast cancer twice and is about to start treatment for lung cancer), gives 100% of race entry fees to support breast cancer research at the Mayo Clinic. One hundred percent. Jacksonville Beach, eh? February, eh? Hmm… I think I need to consider this one very seriously. Hmm…

Jeff Galloway, running guru I totally listen to, recommends it, and even recommends buying a bib (that’s the piece of paper with your runner number on it that you clip to yourself for you non-runners out there) if you can’t make it down there to run just to support.

Also, don’t forget to click for free and fund mammography to women in need and to give to my fundraising efforts for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event on the 21st if you can. I only need a bit more to reach the goal!

Now, let’s talk. This morning, I got an anonymous comment here on Bigmouth that instead of publishing to my comments section, I thought I would plop it out front and center for everyone to enjoy. Anonymous writes (By the way, not leaving your name immediately strips you of credibility in my book.):

“Amy: no offense, but we’re all a little tired of the breast cancer links you’re doing. Are you seriously going to do this for the rest of the month? I like your blog but it’s pretty lame right now with breast cancer shit being pushed on us. I don’t know anyone with it, you wrote about a near-miss but you don’t have it so drop it, will you? no offense. it’s just annoying and seems like a you’re wasting your time with the hassle of it all.”

Really nice fucking attitude, huh? Readers of Bigmouth, Anonymous seems pretty confident about speaking for you. Anyone care to comment? I’m formulating my answer and will post it there shortly.