My rack is up on the blogger Boobie-thon. I can’t link to my particular rack, nor would I because that’s sort of the point, but my covered rack was posted in a group that went up yesterday evening and at an hour that makes sense if you know my birthday. Heh. You can’t see my hair or face at all, so it’s not the one you might guess with the pink hair. My uncovered rack (also sans my face and hair) is available in the other gallery where you have to shell out to see all the boobs, with your boob-viewing cash going straight to breast cancer research. Not a bad deal. Anyway, go get an eyeful.

Off to try to catch up with a blogger I just love, Madeline of Mad Words, then back to work after a little tea party with her.

But, your promised daily dose before I go:
Support my fundraising efforts for the Making Strides event in a few weeks.
Click here for free and give a mammogram to a woman in need.
New Balance has partnered with the Komen Foundation and come up with this marvelous running attire for their Lace Up For The Cure program. And, post-run hit these pink Crocs, with $5 from every purchase going to breast cancer research.