Hidey ho. Looks like I’m doing a little article about Peru for a travel publication, got a bite on another idea I had for a small series of pieces, so I’m putting that proposal together, yadda yadda.

Ohh, before I forget, see some adventures in Omaha here, here, here and especially here, ha ha, courtesy Jami Attenberg.

Anyway. Now, I’m going to hop a train and go to Chinatown and buy a tiny block of tamarind paste and enjoy the lovely weather. (Snow will be here before we know it.) Sure, I can probably get tamarind at the supermarket around the corner, but it’s a nice day for a train ride, and I kind of like buying little bits of things from ethnic grocers. Plus, I’m up for a little adventure.

I have this and this on Craigslist if any of youse are interested. More to follow. I’m doing a major toss-out campaign and it is lovely.