The Psoas muscle group can get you if you’re not careful. It’s also the reason why keeping your abs super-strong is one of the best and easiest ways I’ve found to keep your lower back from aching. What I’m saying is that it is very easy to build strong abs (no really, it all comes together fast in that area) and so abs, and core-strength in general, is one area I really try to be mindful of in every workout

I have this series of ab exercises I do

1. 100 crunches, but cross your arms in front of you like Dracula, right? Like right hand on left shoulder and vice versa. Knees bent. 25, rest a sec, 25, rest a sec etc.

2. 100 crunches with hands on the floor under your butt, ankles together, legs in the air, feet right over your hips. Bend your knees if you need to to keep your feet over your hips. 25 rest 25 rest, etc. Be mindful not to press your fingers onto the floor to help yourself. That’s lame to cheat at exercise when you’re the one who both benefits and loses.

3. 100 crunches on a big balance ball as slowly as you can do them. Dracula hands or arms straight out to each side for balance if you need.

4. 100 crunches on a small balance ball (basketball sized-ish) trying to let your shoulders get slightly lower than your chest when you go down. Do these super slow too. Dracula hands or arms straight out to each side for balance if you need.

5. Lay on your right side. Left leg bent so calf is parallel to your body. Put right hand and arm flat on floor under left leg. Put left arm on your hip or butt or behind your head or wherever. 50 side crunches, pulling up just until you feel a little pinch on the back side of your waist. 50 on the other side, flipping over and positioning similarly

Anyway, that’s what I do.

I did my usual routine but did about 50 crunches extra of it on a balance ball. I had no idea it would make that big a difference. Is it possible to pull a fallopian tube? If so, this is the case.