My Jewcy post is up today. Tomorrow I’m dropping a heavy-on-the-explanations post, so I kept it light today with some Rosh HaShanah funnies and some lighthearted ragging on President Chickenhawk. Um, and in my digging around on YouTube, I found this funny clip about modern Jesus on a date that I thought I’d share. I like the idea of Jesus being a playah.

I have sort of a lot to do over the next two days, but it’s all good. I’m cleaning my apartment super-well (as is sort of the custom to do just before Rosh HaShanah and especially Passover), and taking care of odds and ends, and I’m making a little pile of stuff to get rid of. I’m going to try to do a blog yard sale and see how it goes. It’ll involve links, PayPal and maybe the post office, but it’s worth a try. I’d rather you guys have my junk than a random Craigslist peep. And, I can’t get a straight answer as to whether or not I need to get a permit to have an actual yard sale, so we’ll see what happens. Might be super spiffy fun.

Can I tell you? I woke up this morning freezing! Fall is finally here, it seems, and I am happy beyond. I love fall like a mmmmuuuutherfucker. Puts me in The Best mood.

In other news, I hope everyone caught Schwartzeleh’s post about Big Vaginas, because it made me laugh my ass off, PNC281’s email this morning made my day, Adam Deutsch gave a nice little shout-out, I’m coloring my hair with burgundy, pink and brown, I saw a PVC-fashioned missile on top of a plumbing van with a sign that read been lookin’ for Ben Laden, I sort of got invited to play fairy glitter dress up for Mardi Gras from one of my dahlink nola BFFs, Miss Quoted, and, I think that’s it for now.

Back to tidying.