I saved this meme to do when a had a sec, and now I can’t seem to recall who tagged me for it. Eh well. Whoever it was, thanks and here are your answers to Five Things.

1. When you go to the grocery store, you know how the bottom of the reciept says somethng like you saved $4.51 cents? Right. Well, I then go home and transfer $4.51 into my savings account. How geeky is that?

2. I love scaring he shit out of myself with ghost stories, shows, books, etc. and I’m pretty sure I’ve lived in a few iffy places.

3. If my feet a hot, I’m way too hot and fidgetey. Come to think of it, I fidget a lot in general, just moreso when my feet are hot.

4. I’d rather a small, tidy home furnished and decorated with well-made, solid things I love and can be proud of, than a giant, showy house with matchey things I have no connection to.

5. I secretly like to learn the botanical/pharmaceutical/tech/scientific name of everyday things but I get so annoyed when people say those things in place of the common name inappropriately, just to encourage questions.