I had a dream about giving permission to be mentioned in a personal newspaper article, which I happily granted, then being given a handful of money and asked to donate it to a good nonprofit. I went to a USA for Africa record, found an address for the fund, and sent it there (as if that fund still even exists??). So, obviously, I now have crummy-ass “We Are The World” in my head, which is a weird way to start anything, but especially anything as big as an entire day.

Later today, I’m heading over to my accountant’s office to get a few things in the works. Doctors and accountants– I dread going, but it’s nice to leave with things in order, yes? Anyway, I’ll try to spare her the, “There’s a choice we’re makinnnnnnnn! We’re saving our own liiiiiiives! It’s true we make a better day! Just you and meeeeeeeeee!” And, you know the worst part of this mental song-loop is… do I have the Dylan part stuck in my head? No. No, I do not. Instead it’s the yeahyeahYEAHYEAH or whoawhoaWHOAWHOA (whatevs) Cyndi Lauper contribution. Unforch.

Elton John said that bloggers should be shot. Drivel like this right here is exactly why. Anyway, I’ll get back to a more heartfelt post later in the week. For now, that’s the haps.

I’m loving all of this rain on Chicago. It makes me eager for fall weather.