Last year, I made fun little pro-Pride pigtails for myself and met up with folks from my shul. This year, I stayed in bed all day, still with the thrown-out back. Eh well, it was a good day, even if I didn’t make rainbow pigtails for myself or, uh, leave the house at all. And, my back is certainly on the mend. Not 100% just yet, but it is certainly getting there.

In other news, there is a really hilarious show on VH1 about the schmaltziest songs ever. It’s hilarious. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen an REO Speedwagon video, and I’m here to report that it’s even cheesier than I remember. Wow, when was the last time you thought about Anne Murray? Eh? And, look! I had completely blocked out Peter Cetera having a mullet, but it’s all back now. Good times. Oh, and the recorder solo in Captain & Tenille’s Do That To Me One More Time. Hillllaaaaarious. Hmm, I wonder if Ma Guth still likes Michael Bolton? She hasn’t mentioned him in, you know, well over a decade, so I can only assume she’s let that one go.

Oh, shit, will you look at that. It was all fun and games until they started mentioning Toto. That hit too close to the CD collection.


Also, shutup.