Random curiosities of random rank:

My Dad is home and says he just wants to sleep for two days and will call and tell all after that.

I have cable again.

I’m going first, this morning, to a good old synagogue yard sale (Hello to the grannies donating their designer vintage!), then to the Printers Row Book Fair to say hello to a few folks, then tonight, my vegetarian ass is going to brave Ribfest so that I can see Baby Teeth.

I have a loaner cell phone that is a dinosaur. If I don’t respond to your texts or don’t answer when you call, I probably have no idea. Or, I have no interest in talking to you. Either way, nothin’ personal.

It throws me for a loop when someone completely misreads me.

Remember I decided not to cut my hair until my second novel is out into the world? Well, if I don’t hurry, my moppy head will drive me bonkers.

Don’t click this link at work! This was sent to me and I don’t know what to think about it.