Last night, I went to a store I adore, The Book Cellar for a very different kind of author reading. Though she did read from her book, Alpana Singh (Alpana Pours) also served as sommelier of the event, pairing wine with books. This, as you can imagine, is right up my alley. Her book is wonderful, especially the section she read about pairing wines with rice cakes and Chee-toes. As someone who has long been pairing wine with Spaghettios and Taco Bell when the occasions arise, I knew this book would find a special place in my heart immediately.

I, of course, wanted to make an attempt to convincing Singh to do a vegetarian (good) or vegetarian writers (better) edition of her television show, Check, Please!, but, in the end, I thought this might seem a little creepy for a strange woman to suddenly be in her face pitching her ideas, so I passed.

The writers behind the books paired with wine were the books of Wendy McClure (I’m Not The New Me and The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan: Classic Diet Recipe Cards from the 1970s, who also shared a hilariously funny short story with us about a pet fish, and the wonderful friend friend I made in Omaha last year, Jami Attenberg (Instant Love), who also read a bit from her new novel (can’t wait!).

I was pleased, also, to see another friend I met in Omaha, Michael Barnes who is so incredibly talented and such fun to be around. So, with many familiar, smiling faces, BFFs, partners-in-crime and old friends in tow, we all headed out and about for (more) wine. The brain behind the bookstore joined up later (and we had a spectacular conversation about marathon adventures), I met a hilarious copywriter (who reminded me of a best friend in third grade) and it was, all in all, a lovely night.

Of course, I’ll ask what I always ask: Get these wonderful books, tell other people if you enjoyed them, then add them to your LibraryThing and Shelfari pages. Better yet, go to their readings when they’re in your neck of the woods next.

Today I’m paying a visit to Mermaid Head to see her mama-to-be belly and give her a big hug, then it’s off to dinner (and probably even more wine) with Irish Ho to celebrate her birthday. Tomorrow V. is here for the day. Monday I have dinner plans in Memphis. Wednesday I have a reading in Austin. Bonk! Boom! Pow! Woot!