Which one of you düshes enrolled me in the Omaha Steaks preferred customer program?

Whatevah. Düsh. Anyway.

Today, I learned that a favorite bodega of mine is now offering a new “high-energy” cup of brewed coffee with extra caffeine and “herbal energy boosters”. Bleh. Something is terribly wrong with us if a regular cup of coffee isn’t cutting it anymore. I mean, is there that much pressure on us to speed through the day? May I suggest more sleep and meals at regular intervals? You know what I’m saying?

I also learned today that red high heels are the new Ugg boots. I. Am. Devastated. I saw hoardes of Trixies today with shiny, red high heels on their feet. Some even with rolled jeans, too! Damnit. I love red shoes. Love them. I can’t… you know, I mean, then I’ll look like, you know one of them. I’m no Trixie. I am hoping this blows over quickly. I can’t handle anything Rockabilly-ish being co-opted by the Trixies. Some things they’re just going to have to leave to us tattooey ladies.

I mean, really.