I wrote twelve pages today in a coffeeshop, which I am happy about. The last page and a half was laborous, but I got through it fine and got down on paper enough for today. Of course, I did this and now have to scramble because I just got a call that the woman set to serve as my accountant is retiring. Just like that. As of yesterday. So, on likely the most complicated tax year I have yet to see, I have to pull a last-minute coup when I thought everything was already set. Well, to start, I don’t want to cut corners, settle for the wrong person and such, so I’m going to file an extension and check out some others. I refuse to freak out about my tax preparation. It’s not a matter of life and death, yet I don’t play around with this stuff. Some things are worth being patient about. So, an extension will give me a little breathing room precisely so I don’t have to worry.

In other news, did anyone else realize that I am a sign of the coming apolypse? Apparently so. Scroll all the way down, and, ah, what’s that? Why, it’s my bookcover! Who knew?

I feel like getting another tattoo. Tonight.