Bocci balls, you guys. Read this! I, of course, got permission from the source of this email to post it and will allow your comments fuel the result.

Dear Ms. Guth,

I am a really big fan of yours. I have read Three Fallen Women three times and every time I have read it, I get more and more out of it. Your writing is brilliant, incredible and has even been haunting at times.

My purpose for writing is two-fold. First I am curious if you are aware of any sort of fan club for you and your writing? I found many places on the web that had very positive things written about you, but nothing official so I wonder if you have a fan club offline or something? Secondly, if not, I wonder if you would consider starting one, or really, letting me start one. I am sure you would have many members. I will not start it if you are uncomfortable, but I think it would be really cool and lots of people would join it and you could maybe be involved a little so you’d feel comfortable with what was happening with it.

The email goes on, but that is really the crux of it. Initially, I laughed at the thought of this. Then, I thought well, it couldn’t hurt. Then, I laughed again. Then, I emailed back and forth with this fellow and got his permission to post part of the email here so we can suss it all out in the comment section.

I think my only hang-up is something in the vein of a fear that having a fan club might make me look… uh… what’s the word I want? It might make me look ridiculous? Which is silly because plenty of authors have fan clubs and they don’t look ridiculous and I am really very touched to have such wonderful readers and should probably let them run with their whims. Anyway, what gives? What do you think? Let’s work this out. How should I handle this? At this moment, I am on the fence.