>Everyone who weighed in on the previous post about the douchey grocery-store clerk felt just about the same way– write the letter. I think the comment that really sold me came from my brilliant and kind BFF, Katie Schwartz who reminded me about elderly persons on a fixed income who would be without if their groceries were broken. So, that does it. I’m writing the letter. More on that later.

So, anyone have a theory on why I woke up feeling like I had been punched in the ribcage? Did someone break in just to kick me in my sleep? How did I miss that? This is far greater than any pounce a nine pound cat could possibly deliver. What gives?


Look at that! March, folks, is Small Press Month. We should celebrate! Let’s start by taking a look at the Small Press Month website. Especially the Things To Do section. Look at all of the ways we can easily support small press media.

I’m just saying. It wouldn’t kill you.