To get the family of the Jewish Superhero (Z”L), of previous post fame together, an airport needed to be battled today.

Let me back up. I am a big fan of the chevre kadisha, particularly, the part about supporting the family members during loss.

I have a friend who lost his partner quite suddenly and I was so impressed with how his local chevre kadisha handled things for him durng that time. Everything, and I mean everything, was dealt with. No questions of what to do, it was just done. His cleaning, his laundry, his utility bills were paid, groceries and casseroles appeared, scheduled oil changes were handled, appointments were rescheduled, even, in a moment when a lightbulb burned out, it was replaced silently by a chevre kadisha member without a word. Since then, I have had so much more respect for these groups and have thought that I can only hope to be so useful to the people around me when the situation (g-d forbid) arises.

So, no flights were really happening yesterday. A flight was to be taken very early this morning, which was cancelled. So, just hours ago, maybe just before 10pm, the flight was made and soon the family will all be together for the funeral tomorrow and I am glad. I did what I could. I am, after all, only one person, not a whole group of people.

On my way back from the airport tonight, I saw cars swerving in front of me. Once they cleared, I saw a woman in a wheelchair fooling around in traffic, flipping her arms around and yelling. A car blew past and nearly hit her, so I called the cops so she wouldn’t get squashed. Holy shit. I put my window down while I was on hold with the police dispatch to ask her if I could help her and she swung at my car and screamed somethng about “fuck you” and “devil” so, eh, homegirl was having a tough night. I hope she’s okay, however that all ended up.