I took a shower this morning and tonight. And, I am happy to report that I did not take either shower for granted. A good amoount of snow is expected tonight and tomorrow, so I am anxiously flipping on the hot water every few hours to prevent it from freezing again.

Free yoga week started tonight in Chicago, which I’m excited about. I’m going to do it anyway, but sometimes group yoga is a nice change of pace, and I fel like I learn new things from different instructors. Especially cool because I just happen to be reading (in all my abundance of free time) a cool book about yoga.

In other news, I sat near a young man “educating” his girlfriend in a diner today all about how the Jews control the media and that’s how we fabricated the holocaust and then claimed that “the French State Department helps them (Jews) out so that’s why we got to boycott French stuff”… pointing to her order of French toast and smiling, adding “Freedom toast, see?” (So, it isn’t a boycott as much as a gneral sweeping renaming, eh?)

She nodded, smiling, then added that she’d never met a Jew before then they went on to discussing his (only his, she said little, only nodded) plans for them to be missionaries after his military deployment in the Middle East. Naturally, he responded by telling her all about the “Jews and A-rabs with turban and stuff” in his travels. WTF? What planet did I eat lunch on? Am I in Chicago? Why were they in rodeo attire? WTF? Since when do my people wear turbans?

Hello? Thought I could have pulled out a verbal smack-down like Accidentally Jewish, I knew it would fall on deaf ears and shot him a dirty look instead. Totally bullshit wimpy reaction, but after the week of shower nonsense, and just getting out from under a stack of work, I don’t think I had the mojo workin’ well enough that I would have done much to help matters ayway. Eh well.

Besides, “Freedom Toast” can only fly if you’re willing to give “Liberty Cabbage” another shake, too.