I know what all of you were thinking. Oh, now that Ms. Fancy Yogapants has her fancy new faucets and pipes and drains, she’s going to be sooooo spoiled with her fancy showers. Well, for those of you who were worried that maybe I’d start the take my shower for granted again, fear not. Though my shower has been running for the past two hours, I have yet to see a drop of hot water. Just FYI.

Sigh… I clearly was a colossal asshole in my past life to water, probably going around peeing in every body of water I saw. Damnit

In other news, listen to this funny line:

“Hey baby, what are you doing for lunch today? And by the way, when you’re having a heart attack, is the numbness in your right arm or left?”

Don’t worry if you can’t pinoint it. It’s out of a book I am reading in all my adundant (ha!) free time. But, you have to stay tuned because I’m not going to tell you just yet. Let me finish it first. You know, in all my abundant free time.