The team of dudes came back, this time huddling under my tub with drills, saws and blowtorches. I must leave this afternoon, so I am really hoping thier adventures today go speedily and I can shower before heading out. Strange thing that sensory memory is, when I was a little girl, our house caught on fire. The blowtorches downstairs are creating a very particular burning scent in my apartment that chilled me to the bone and almost made me well-up just remembering that scary night, decades ago. Wow, I am amazed to remember that exact scent. Spooky.


I was listening to the news this morning as the anchor and a few guest experts were discussing Lisa Nowak and a few things came to mind:

1. Some questions are surfacing about her being “an astronaut, a mother and a wife” and whether or not stress is a viable defense. Well, I’m not a, attorney so whether or not stress is or is not a viable defense is not anything I am qualified to comment on. But, what does concern me is that I have never, never, never in my life heard of a man freaking out and anyone questioning whether being a (insert professional title), a father and a husband/partner led to his stress. In fact, when men freak out, we usually just call them crazy and get it over with. Discuss.

2. It cracks me up how she went after the other woman and not, say, the man not making a solid decision. But, a lot of people do that. Watch an episode of COPS or Cheaters and see. I mean, generally speaking, don’t you think a straying partner is more like to be bullshitting you than say his/her lover? Discuss.

3. My very good friend Vesna lives in Denmark and was just telling me in an email this week that she has unlimited sick days (which, because they are on the honor system, are rearely abused) and six weeks of vacation every year. In our (American) push for constantly obtaining, acheiving and doing more, are we all heading to stressed-out doom eventually and people like Lisa Nowak just the proverbial canaries in our coal mines? Discuss.

And on other newsworthy topics:

4. Senator Doug Jackson (D- TN) is looking to expand the death penalty to include persons perpetrating sexual abuse against a child. Would this, were it to move forward (which I imagine it will not), further contribute to a reluctance to report such crimes? Discuss.

5. OJ is writing another book, a fictional account called If I Did It. Oy, OJ. Discuss.

(I’d like to remind everyone that the comment section is for discussion but let’s remember that the poised intellectual recognizes the difference between discussion and argument.)