Just overheard, “Mao, yeah. Mao killed everybody. He was a bad dude.”

Overheard earlier on the train, “Honey, did you see that, uh, (insert n-word)…?”

And, a couple of nights ago, I had my window cracked a bit, and as most of you remember me mentioning before that my apartment overlooks a busy street, so almost everytime I crack my window, I hear something stupid. And, that night was no exception. Two guys were walking by, and one explained to the other, “Dude, she, like, took all of her makeup off when we got to her apartment, and I was like, whoa. I didn’t even want to fuck her then. She was all plain and shit then with her eyes all disappearing without that stuff.”

Uh… this was moments before I was going to get ready to go out. So, I made up only half of my face. Not to make any point, per se. I mean what point would I be making? Look, makeup can only do so much? or How transformative is makeup, anyway? Or maybe just putting my half-devoid-of-makeup mug out into cyberland makes me feel like I’m sticking it to this guy a little, even though I am, in fact, not at all…?

In any case, it’s a funny picture. No glasses, hair in ponytail, half a face of makeup. Good times. Now, get a Post-It and place it on alternating sides of my face. See? What a funny game. Eh, not really. But, it’s something to pass the time.

I’m working from a coffeeshop today. It’s a good thing. A slightly noisier crowd came in a bit ago, but it’s still fine, just fine. I have a lot of little ods and ends to attend to today, and I’m tearing right through all of it nicely. I, grrls, guys and otherwise, am almost Caught Up On Work.