After one hilarious afternoon of working (a little) and goofing off (a lot) with my friends Phil and ArmyGrrl, I got word that another friend was under the weather and desperately needed a FedEx run. So, I scooted over, snatched her FedExables (That sounds really filthy, but no. Really, I just picked up the stuff she needed FedEx’d.) and went to FedEx. Pack, ship, pay, done and I am leaving and this guy is… hovering at my car with his hand on the door handle. My Bronx-style what is it that you’re doing? was met with a tweaky tirade that involved his flailing arms, shouted and angry confusion as to whether I looked like his ex-wife, knew his ex-wife or was his ex-wife, and, for a bit, he was puffing up and right in my face and not getting the hell out of the way. I’m skimming here, but I didn’t know whether he was even for real. I half-expected to get beat up and half-expected to hear that I was on Candid Camera. Oy vey. The full moon sure brings it out in people, doesn’t it? I keep meaning to ask my medical friends about their emergency adventures during full moons. Anyone..?

On a happier note, I got my super-premium-great-success business cards today. And a super gift from my mother, a book about overcoming the fear I blog about plenty: the schmooze situation. (Thanks, Mom) Kind of cosmic-funny that I got both in the mail on the same day, no?

Is it really Thursday, already? Shit, time flies when you’re having fun, eh?