My friend, Orieyenta tagged me and you all know I’m a sucker for a good tag. She wants six weird things about me, on my blog, pronto. Um, only six? Ooookay.

1. I will stop everything and go to the store to buy more handcream and lip-something (balm, stick, gloss, whatever) if I find myself without. Must have them or I feel off.

2. One of my favorite foods is broccoli. I think that’s great. Most people think that’s weird.

3. I only own tan-pinkish and black undergarments. That way I can always match and undergarments are unlikely to show through clothes, as tan bras blend in with your skin and therefore look invisible.

4. I read physics, astronomy and history books for fun because I am a nerd and a half.

5. I feel put-together and polished when I have a manicure, and I also love hardware stores, my tools and fix-it projects. Sometimes I can manage both.

6. I go nuts with my label maker. I haven’t labeled my cat, but that’s about it.

So there you have it. Orieyenta’s tag, Six Weird Things About Me… I tag…ummm… I tag all inclined bloggers in Providence, Chicago, Los Angeles and the UK. So there.