Welcome to the fifth round of my Chanukah Blog Tour! Can you believe we’ve already made friends with ten bloggers? Better yet, can you believe we are still going to make friends with twenty-six more bloggers? So. Much. Fun. Anyhoot.

Last night Earth Observation, Jews Like Bagels, Tamara Eden and Madeline In The Mirror shook their gelt for us, and now… (drumroll)… let’s meet the next five.

First, we have Jack Be Nimble with his rather excellent ideas on tequilla dreidel and tabasco latkes. I just decided that I’d like to be his tenth wife. (Kidding. I’m a kidder. Sort of. Okay, maybe for like a day, just to say I was someone’s tenth wife. Jack?)

Next up, we have Want Some Cheese With That Whine as she reveals what a cooking fool she is and tells us about her super-stylin’ bubbie.

Then, head on over and see Fake Jew at Not Chosen, Just Posin’ as he considers the meme and wonders if he could bear to speak to Madonna long enough to “swap tricks of the fake Jew trade”… (Yo, FakeJew, if you can keep it veg, you’re welcome to cook for me anytime. Wowzers, Cookie McChefsalot.)

Next, we meet the one and only True Ancestor as he ponders sweet potato latkes (You guys are killing me today with all of this crazy-good cooking!), olive oil and water potions to occupy children in restaurants and wishes me “great success”, Borat-style.

And, last but not least at all, The Shalvster closes for us with his “Penultimate” Israeli Salad recipe. Just using the word “penultimate” is good work by me, but in connection to Israeli salad, well, that’s just a great idea. (I am fighting the urge to say, “The Shalvster. Makin’ copies. Shalvarooney. Shalvoo Shalvah. Shalv-lalv-a-ding-dong.”… but acknowledge Rob Schneider beat the joke to death more than a decade ago.)

Happy Chanukah and see everyone back here tomorrow night to meet our bloggers of night SIX. (Oh, and if you are overcome with grief because you aren’t participating in tis spiffy little Chanukah Blog Tour, fret not! Drop me an email at amy@guthagogo.com. I still have slots for three lucky bloggers to rock the house on Friday.)