I started thinking about the thing that happened with Craigslist taking down my post looking for Jewish bloggers while I was cleaning this afternoon and I got mad because it happened at all, mad because nobody from Craigslist has bothered to respond to very polite and curious emails and mad about the crazy neo-nazi hate mail I got. Anyway, I say this: fuck it. Seriously. I’m not doing anything wrong and I have just as much of a right to use Craigslist as anyone else. And, I still need a few more Jewish bloggers for my Super Chanukah Virtual Book Tour. So… I put another couple of posts up, this time I’m asking for “Chanukah-celebrating bloggers for a fun project”… so we shall see how it goes, right? Maybe the J-word is so loaded that it’s what got the ad pulled. I don’t care. I’ll post it again if I have to. What are they going to do? Ban me forever from Craigslist? I think not.

Man, I’m not taking even a pinch of shit today, am I? I don’t know where this is coming from, not hormones, not blood sugar, not a specific event, but I just feel slightly fed-up with nothing in particular today.

Eh, screw it, I guess we’re all entitled to a fuck-you-I’m-doing-it-my-way sort of day once in a while.

I, at least, use my mild-irritation for good. My kitchen is so organized and clean that I am beyond ready for my new kitchen table. Oh, I didn’t mention that, did I? Oh, well, uh, I bought a kitchen table and chairs last night. And, it’s awesome. And I get it on Friday afternoon. And, I’m excited. And, I want to clean more stuff. Grrrr.