Well, look who went and got herself a vagina.

Today, I shopped. Full-on, charge-it-will-you?, shopping. It all started because my favorite bra, the good bra, the expensive bra, for crying out loud, the ten-year-old bra sprung a hole under the boob. Then the elastic went. So, at that point, what do you have besides fabric and lace and knockers racing for your waist? Not a whole heck of a lot. So, with a good friend in tow to make shopping bearable, I went in search of another bra. A good bra. The best bra. And, the muthafucka was discontinued. Imagine! A lingerie company discontinuing an item after ten years!

So, I had to search a little harder. But, I found a really great one.

And, in the process, found out that quel surprise I’ve been wearing the wrong size all these years. Far out. (I always write these things and then remember my dad, my brother, and my rabbi read this blog from time to time. Eh well. They’ve all heard worse, I’m sure.)


So, there I was. And I remembered I have had some big shit happen in the last year. Good shit. Great shit. And, I keep having reasons to doll up. So, I’m not much of a shopper. I hate shopping, in fact (more results-oriented than process-oriented). But, you know what? A woman has to do her thing and look sharp doing it. And, I had excellent, encouraging company. So, I, okay she, found five of the most fabulous, greatest-quality wardrobe staple pieces of clothing that fit me perfectly and made me look together and made an impromptu punk cover of the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme ring in my head. And, bonsai! I bought them.

As much as I get a kick out of cashing in on a great bargain, there is also something really satisfying about knowing you deserve to hook yourself up with something nice and going for it once in a while.

(That said, oy vey. Master Card should write me a love letter after today.)

Back to editing a little, though my mind is starting to wander a little. I must be tired. What do I have tomorrow? Oh, right, more editing, a little writing and a lot of organization. I’ll take it. Every bit of it.