It’s only 8:30 and it’s been a terribly busy day already. These are the days I love. Few things work for me like a busy day I feel totally on top of. That’s for sure. Last night’s radio adventure was such a great time. Another big thank you to James and Dudley for inviting me onto KWVA’s Art Hustle.

But my main reason for blogging is that I had a window cracked and as I have blogged before many times, I live overlooking a busy street, so I occasionally overhear odds and ends of conversation. Like just now, for example. “…but, I think Passover is soon so he’ll never ask me to marry him during that, right?”

What? I don’t even know where to start with that!

Anyway, I have many irons in the fire today, so I have to dash. More later, m’dears. But, I leave you with this. Local columnist, Dawn Turner Trice had this to discuss this morning about human-trainwreck Flava Flav show, “Flavor of Love”. What do you think? Too much or too little?