I haven’t mentioned my tattoo aspirations in a while, and was just having a lovely conversation with a tattoo designer, so I wanted to revisit the topic…

When I was little, I had this blue plastic typewriter and I’d sit there and type little crappy newspapers. Well, now, a few months post-publish, I’m ready to tattoo it, between my shoulder blades. I have work already on my right lower shoulder, so I want this piece centered, with courier, vintagey letters in different sizes sort of spewing out of the top and top edges. Then, the random letters sort of work their way to my existing tattoos, tying everything together nicely.

This tattoo is such a big deal to me that I want to be a stickler until I see just the right way I’m going to want it. I can imagine it, but I draw about as well as a first-grader, so, I’m going to need a hand with this one. This is an important project.

So… design-inclined readers? Any thoughts? Anyone want to take a crack at this?