I made it! The drive was sucktacular and rainy and foggy but scenic until the sun went down and just plain crappy once it was dark, but I am safe and sound in my friends’ wonderfully vintagey place in Providence. This town is adorable, what I’ve seen so far. Like I said before, I find it funny that after living in both NY and the Boston-area previously, that I never have been here until now. Well, at least I am finally here.

I met up with them at a TeaLuxe, met their friend and the four of us went for Indian at Kabob and Curry where I have stumbled upon possibly the best saag paneer I’ve yet to find. After, we dropped my car at thier apartment and went to Coffee Exchange, an adorable little coffee house filled with flyers and posters of community goings-on.

Anyway, my friends both work tomorrow so I have a little time to explore and hang out. It’s good to see them both. The three of us have all lived together before, once upon a time, and just being around them both again reminds me of the fun silver lining times to some otherwise long-burried tougher days.

Well, I think I will turn in. Their place is nice and old– I think they said it was built in the mid-1800s– and something about rain on old buildings puts me right into sleep-mode.