Apparenly, I’m really attached to this purple scarf, as I’ve managed to wear it to my last couple of readings.

Everything went well at Juna’s Cafe tonight. It’s so cute there in Ithaca near the university. I met lots of people– a woman studying to be a midwife, a man studying to be a financial analyst, a homesick Chicagoan studying occupational therapy, a young man regrouping after some mayhem overtook a chance to study abroad, a fun and kind writer who lives in an eco-sustainability co-op community, a nice lady studying kinesiology, two kind barista ladies, a tragically heartbroken couple in what I presume to be the final moments of their relationship, and a handful of other people who were kind enough to come out and show the love, including WonderDebby and SuperBob.

Especially because in this college town, things exist in trimesters and finals are tomorrow.

Christian, the guy regrouping after his plans to study abroad were changed, was good enough to coax me into reading one extra section and to pose a little with Albert at the end of the night.

And, in the restroom, the door was covered with inspired Sharpied phrases, my favorites being: