This is so great. Check this out. Here’s the deal. A joker says something filthy to you while you’re walking down the street, you whip out your cell phone or camera and take a picture of them and post it online. I love it, I love it, I love it. I mean, it should be saved for serious asswipes, not just a nice guy trying to muster up the courage to talk to you so he smiles and you whip out a camera, photograph him, douse him with pepper spray, shout “Oppressor!” and kick him in the balls. No, but, it happens. You’re walling down the sidewalk and somebody goes there and crosses the line and you are, let’s face it, kind of stuck in a screwed-either-way sort of situation. So, I like this idea. It’s peaceful, it’s proactive, it possibly even works. Who knows? And, you know, why stop with this website? Post all sorts of unfairities to your blog.

Changing seasons + trekking from midwestern Autumnal beginnings to southeastern outer-tropical beaches and back in one week = I am struggling to have a voice today. Bummer. I feel mostly okay, I just have a raspy voice. But, truth be told, I’m really self-conscious about my voice because I think it’s squeaky and makes me sound like a teenager, so I kind of like the raspiness. (Imagine my embarrassment when, sitting on a panel last week at the Decatur Book Festival when a co-panelist insisted I was “so much younger” than her, when I’m actually only a few years– I think two– behind her. Oh man, I was so embarrassed, which was silly, as I’m sure in another decade or two I’d be flattered to be mistaken for being “so much younger”. Eh, she didn’t mean it negatively in the least, but it made me want to run and hide! Ha, ha. I’m hoping it continues, though. My mother was carded in her late 40s and I can only hope I got that gene.)